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Common Faults On Distribution Box

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Common Faults On Distribution Box

March 28, 2022
Latest company case about Common Faults On Distribution Box
In the process of using the distribution box, some faults often occur, and if these faults are not solved in time, it will directly affect the normal use of the distribution box. Next, let's take a look at the common faults and specific solutions of the distribution box.
1. The circuit breaker cannot be closed
Reasons: The closing button is in poor contact; the fuse of the control circuit is burned out; the circuit breaker does not store energy; the closing electromagnet is broken; the voltage of the closing electromagnet control power supply is less than 85%.
Solution: re-replace the undervoltage coil; replace the fuse after confirming that the control circuit is normal and no short circuit; control the power supply voltage within the range of ≥ 85%; replace the closing electromagnet.
2. The distribution box cannot be switched automatically
Reasons: The voltage is too high or the voltage is too low, the controller displays overvoltage or leads; the current is too small; the current sampling signal is not connected; the fuse core of the compensation controller is burned out.
Solution: adjust the overvoltage protection point to an appropriate value; increase the current and then debug; connect the current sampling signal line; replace the fuse.
3. Please make the main metering reactive power meter reverse or not.
Reason: The phase sequence of the incoming line of the transformer is wrong; the power factor of the capacitor compensation is too high or ahead; the voltage and current loops are normal.
Solution: readjust the phase sequence; adjust the capacitance compensation to 0.92-0.97; replace the reactive power meter.
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